RV Repairs or Root Canal……Which is less painful?

Alliance RV Bays You know I can’t write about something unless I feel extremely passionate or excited about it.  Finally, something to tell that is just that.  If I can pass along information that makes someone else’s life more pleasant, then I’m all for that.

Who drives 1,000 miles for RV repair, limping along a major issue to get to the one place you know will treat you right?  Us.  Coming out of New York, on our way back home to Melbourne, we were faced with the dreaded creeping slide issue.  Creeps while we drive……..creeps while we sit parked.

Calls to the selling facility and manufacturer bring some temporary relief only.  We tried stopping along the route at a few places to seek help.  Camping World of Rochester, NY offered to let us park in their lot over night so we could be in line for service the next morning at 8:00 am. However at 8:00 am, upon explaining our issue we were told that it would be four or five days until they could even look at us as they are 100 work orders behind.  Really??  And, how many of those 100 work orders are stuck in your parking lot????  After buying numerous RV’s from them, and all of our RV supplies, they just couldn’t help us.  Don’t worry, Camping World, we will remember your response.

They sent us next door to their competition, Wilkins RV, who admitted it could be days until they could get the parts (not a Monaco dealer), but offered a solution to keep the slide secure so we could at least get home.  Thank you for caring about us Wilkins RV!!

Following their advice, we strapped it in the closed position with a rachet strap and said let’s just get to Florida, and to Alliance RV.  They will know what to do…….and so we limped along.  Stopping often to check the slide and make sure straps and slide locks were doing their job.


We know Alliance RV……we bought our first bus from them and were impressed not only with their technical skills, but with how they treat their customers.  They have a 40 site RV park, with water and electric hookups.  Dump station is adjacent.  When it’s time for your bus to head into the massive bay area, you stay in your coach……your dog stays in your coach…..and you get hooked up to electric to run your AC, and fix your lunch in your coach.  Got to admit, it’s the best procedure I’ve ever seen.  And, the biggest advantage is that they really know what they are doing.

Called ahead to see if they could fit us in and they said to come on down and drive safe!  What a relief.  Arrived Tuesday night, took a site with hook ups, and the next morning we were headed to the service bays.

Being here is like coming home again.  The slide solenoid  is replaced and we found a few other things to have them take care of while we are here.  We went to the service bays each day, and back to our site at night.  The dog was happy, hubby was happy and most importantly….I was happy.  So happy that I had to take a few minutes to thank those who made this visit work well.

It’s customary to start at the top and thank in order of rank, but I think I will start with the guys in the bays who actually did the work:

Thank you Danny and Kenny!!!  You brought us back and forth to the bays, and listened to our many concerns.  Not once did you ever make us feel anything less than the most valued customer in the world!!!  You guys rock!

Thank you to Mike Wittman, our first Service Advisor who greeted us and got us started until our regular Service Advisor, Will Burke arrived.  You guys are like the glue that keeps it all together.  Will, we have worked with you before and really appreciate your attitude.  Not hanging over our heads, but there if we need you.  And, when tricky situations arose, you magically appeared on the floor to guide us.

There were so many great people working the front desk that I didn’t get names, but it doesn’t matter because one is just as great as the next one!


We didn’t get to meet the new General Manager this trip, but hope some how he sees this posting and realizes what a wonderful group of people he has on board.  Hopefully, he would take the time to go out and personally thank each of the individuals named above because THEY are what will bring us back again to spend the ridiculous amount of money it takes to upkeep this huge beast.  Not your advertisements, not your location…..but these specific people are why will be back again and again.


When I find a gem…….I like to share.  If you need help and are near either Wildwood, Florida, or their other location in Lake Park, Georgia or can limp there, they are definitely better than a root canal!!!!

Happy  Trails, Janet, Randy and Molly


9 responses to “RV Repairs or Root Canal……Which is less painful?

  1. Nice to hear you’re still getting out and about with the RV. I’ve missed your posts and comments. Hope you’ve had some fun adventures. Happy trails 🙂

    • Thank you Ingrid!!! Feels good to be back. We just have been working so much that it was impossible for much too long. I did, however, enjoy following all of you!

  2. So glad that you made it safely to Alliance and they took such good care of you. This is a great lifestyle but experiences like your slide can make for some frustrating times.

  3. Welcome back!! Good to hear from you:) So glad you were able to get a quick fix til you got your slides repaired properly. Its always nice to have a great recommendation for a reliable service center.

    • Thank you much! I have missed all of you, but followed along quietly in your travels. Yes, a good trustworthy service center is a real jewel to share!

  4. We just came from Alliance Coach (we may have been there at the same time). We went there on the recommendation of several in the Monacoers Yahoo group, who steered us away from Lazy Days. Ours was the best RV service experience we have ever had – in 25 years of motor homing in 6 coaches. We also posted a review on Rvillage.

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