Casey Jones RV Park Review

Lake City, Florida, sits at the intersection of I-10 and I-75 in north Florida. Our travels lately have taken us through there a few times, and needing a place to stop for an overnight, we found Casey Jones RV.Park. Their website says they keep late arrival sites open, gives the numbers, and says they have red lights on them so you can find them in the dark. Wow, how nice is that?

******Edit for the late arrival sites. I heard the office say today that the late arrival sites are only 30 amp. I wanted to ask him about it but they were busy, so that might be something to ask about if it’s important to you to have the 50 and you’re arriving late. Came in after dusk last night and saw the red lights up front on some pull throughs. You could easily find you late arrival site in the dark.

Nothing too fancy, but all the amenities are there. I didn’t record the wifi speed, but it’s available and worked ok for an overnight. *****Edit, we’re back again so I checked all the wifi.

  • Our ATT through Nomad Internet is 15 Mbps.
  • Verizon phone is 62 Mbps.
  • Park wifi is unsecured network and 6 Mbps

Satellite was good in the open area we had. Best of all, the guy who answers the phone is amiable and helpful. In addition, they have several long pull-throughs on grass that were perfect for hooking up for the night and getting out quickly in the morning. Would definitely stay again for an overnight or two.

Some of these photos are mine, and some are from google reviews. Hopefully gives you an idea of what it looks like there.

We give this place four campfires!! Happy Trails,

Janet and Randy


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