About us……..

Both of us being employed in the Aviation Industry, for the same company, in the same office can be a little stressful at times.  RV time gives us something to look forward to, and to decompress.  When we bought our first class A, I started calling it the Magic Bus, and the nick-name has transferred over to the new bus as well.  It is magic……grab some clothes, pack a few food items, and get on board.   My ultimate goal, and I’m just about there, is to have everything we need packed in the bus at all times.  Great way to utilize 2nd small appliances, dishware, etc.

While some rv enthusiasts are able to pinpoint their preferred mode of travel right from the start, we had to work our way through every type of rv style there is.  And, maybe we’re still “evolving”.  From tents to popups, class C to 5th wheel, and now on our second class A.  We recently swapped a 37 foot Allegro Bay FRED


for a 40 foot Monaco Diplomat.


Hopefully we can keep this Diplomat for a while, as I’m tired of lining new cabinets…..again.

Three of our kids are grown and out on their own.  Only Molly remains.  You will undoubtedly see much written about her here that will make her seem to be a human companion.  And, for the most part she is.  The only thing that might contradict her “human” status is that we can’t take a tax deduction for her.

We love the life style so much that we have lived full-time in one on several occasions and have dreamed of traveling full-time after retirement.  Both of us being raised as “military brats”, and then moving into the world of Aviation has left us both with gypsy souls that can’t, or don’t want to, sit still.  It is not only the freedom to travel or spending the evenings under the stars that have attracted us to this life style, it is the people you meet and the spirit that is common throughout the RV community.

If you’ve read this far, all I can say is thank you!!

Happy Trails to You!! (Yes, I met Dale Evans once and knew who she was…….please don’t do the math.)

Janet, Randy and Molly

Enjoying Key West

11 responses to “About us……..

    • Thank you, she is a real looker. I do, however, miss the Allegro Bay quite a bit. Being a FRED, there was no air ride, and the noise of the cooling fans we found to be very difficult to deal with. We test drove it in the middle of Florida winter and did not realize they would run so often or so loud. The Monaco is quite a contrast; rides like a dream and very quiet. Thanks for stopping by!!!

    • Thank you Emil…..I can always count on you to read my posts, and be interested in what’s happening. We have to come back to Denver next year, and stay more than one evening. Thank you!!

    • Thank you Jack! I am enjoying following your travels as well. Glad we are staying in touch. Somehow I missed this comment when you posted it.

  1. Enjoyed our short but enlightening visit this night. Being Floridians as well we share a place we call home. Look forward to following your adventurers. Peace out. Steve and Patti

    • Same here…….I told my husband that I met the nicest people tonight. Look forward to staying in touch and trying that 3-2-1 Cake you told me about. I need all the baking advice I can get!!!

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