Air and Space Show Weekend

Thunderbirds in Town


This past weekend, our fair city hosted the Air and Space Show.  Having an office that overlooks the runway has it’s advantages.  Five days of great photo opportunities came to an end this morning when the USAF Thunderbirds departed for their next show.


The enthusiasm shown by the ground crew as they whisk these bad boys back into the sky, is felt even from a distance.


No argument that the Thunderbirds are the big name draw, but there were also many smaller and equally as talented exhibitors on hand to keep us drooling.  A P-51 Mustang stole my heart on practice day, along with the Jelly Belly, a Super Pitts and an MX2.

edit_DSC1661 copy

The entire collection of images can be seen here in the folder Melbourne Air and Space Show:

Enjoy!!!! As time allows, I have more images to add.  Too many images, not enough time!!

Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly




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