So You Want to Be a What?

In my world, a POWERLIFTER is something that can get ketchup stains out of a beige carpet.  It was a very educational weekend.  I expected to be bored out of my mind.  I expected to hate every minute of it.  I learned some new things this weekend.

Kyle 2013 Powerlifting

Army son calls two weeks ago to casually announce that he will be in town as part of some new Army adventure.  Stationed in Killeen, Texas he apparently wakes up one morning and decides to be a POWERLIFTER???  Remember being that age, when you could do something almost the same minute you thought of it??

The Army team flies into the Orlando Airport and is bivouacking at the Airport Hyatt.  We drive over to Lazy Days repair shop, pick up the Magic Bus and are bivouacking at the Orlando KOA.  After setting up we head to the Hyatt, and pick up Kyle and two of his Army friends……errr, I mean buddies….and take them to the Golden Corral for a great dinner out.  (In middle school, you had friends… the Army, you have buddies.  I learned some new things this weekend.)  It was great because I didn’t have to cook and because his buddies are genuinely nice people.

Saturday morning, we partake of the campground all you can eat pancake breakfast and when we are quite miserably stuffed, we hop in the jeep and head to the airport Hyatt.  Upon arrival, there are maybe a dozen other spectators as they work their way through the roster of attendees.  Open to all military branches and including retirees, it’s a real eclectic group of participants.

Round one is where you hoist the bar on your shoulders and then squat to the floor and stand back up again.  After each participant has approached the bar three times, you begin to pick out your favorites.  Of course, we rooted for our dinner companions of the night before.  This is Army buddy Banks sailing through and making it look easy.


The still photos just didn’t do justice to the grunting, groaning and popping eyeballs so I switched over to video in an attempt to bring you all the details.  This is Army son doing 281 pounds……and I don’t think he even broke a sweat.  Yes, the Army calls him “Mall Cop”.  We don’t know why and he’s not saying.

They must have exhausted themselves after three rounds, because the nice man in charge let them lay down on a bench for the next part.  This is Army buddy Simmons making it look like anybody can do this.

Kyle’s turn at the bench.  We can’t remember exactly how much metal he’s waving around above, but thinking it was around 250 pounds.

After the second round, we headed back to camp to let the dog out and take a nap.  I really didn’t want to leave with one more event to go.  We missed the event and the awards presentation, where Kyle picked up a Silver medal.

Silver Medalists

I learned some new things this weekend.  Every once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to go out and do something you really don’t think is your cup of tea.  Might surprise yourself to come out of your comfort zone.

I learned some new things this weekend.  You can wake up and decide to do something, and just go do it.  Not that I’ll take up powerlifting more than those ketchup stains out of the carpet, but I might just have to set some higher goals for myself in the future.

I learned some new things this weekend.  The Army, and all the military branches have a great bunch of coaches and team members who put alot of their time into these events so that our young people have an opportunity to work hard, stay strong and be healthy.

That’s the adventure for this weekend, until next time,

Happy Trails to you,

Janet, Randy and Molly



6 responses to “So You Want to Be a What?

    • Thank you, we had a really good time. Kyle and a couple of his team mates drove our tow vehicle home today, and spent the afternoon with us. Cooked out and fed them something besides airport food. They are on their way back to Orlando now and fly home to Texas tomorrow. What a great bunch he works with!! Thanks for reading our blog, it wasn’t very RV related, but fun.

  1. way to go Kyle! how awesome! maybe he just found his ‘thing’! the blog! and let us know when you move on to write a book! (love your writing)..miss you all!!

    • Glad you are following the blog, and enjoy it. A book?? I don’t know about that……’s hard enough to come up with a blog story twice a week….LOL! Of course, I did just write that I was going to set some new goals for myself……we miss you guys too!!

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