Like a Needle in a Haystack

What are the odds? How about one in 14.8 Million??  They say it’s a small world.  They say that RVing is a small world.  But this story makes the cliché phrase come to life.

Two weeks ago, we are headed back to work from lunch at home.  Sitting at the stoplight next to our house, we see this really nice bus passing right before our eyes and turning through the intersection, headed North.

It’s not from around here, not domestic.  Like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  And, the fact that it has ALEMANIA, GERMANY in large letters on the front cap above the windshield has me almost hanging out the windows to get a better look.  As it passes by in traffic, the one thing that caught my attention was a large map on the curbside that ran from the roof to the bottom of both North and South America, with the route indicated in red.  They had driven this thing to the far tip of South America and North to Alaska!!!!!


As our light turns green my questions to Randy, “Do we have to go back to work???  Please can we just follow them a little way and see where they are headed and if they stop???”, are met with the best rolled eyeballs I have seen in a while.  (You know the kind I mean…..the ones that threaten to get stuck in the UP position.)

Back to work…..awesome bus is gone…..but not forgotten.  I’m still thinking and curious about these travelers who have braved the highway all the way to the tip of South America.

Fast forward……subtitle says…..”One Week Later”

We pack up our Magic Bus and travel from the Atlantic side of Florida, up through Kissimmee and over to the Pacific side of Florida, passing all 14.8 million registered vehicles in the state of Florida on the way.  Busy highway travel day, but we arrive at the Lazy Days Campground for a two night stay and will leave the bus there on Sunday for the last of the warranty work.  Campground is packed but our reservation gets us a spot up front, near the office area.

Set up nearly complete, I’m up front adjusting the shades and something catches my eye over by the office.  There IT was!!!  Second in line to check in!  Unable to believe I’m seeing the same bus from lunch a week ago…..I’m shoving my feet in my flip-flops while yelling to the DH, “They’re HERE!! They’re HERE!!!”  He declines my offer to accompany me, and I head out the door making a beeline for the coach in line.


As I approached the coach, a woman in the passenger seat comes to the door to greet me.  I must begin with, “You don’t know me, but……..” and explain seeing them in little tiny Indialantic the week before.  This very gracious lady does not seem bothered by the stalker at her door and speaks very good English with that musical accent I recall from my five years in Germany.

So many questions…….so little time……before her other half returns from the office and they must proceed to their site behind the customary golf cart who is waiting to park them.  Still shaking my head in disbelief, I return to our site babbling all about it to Randy and feeling like I should go buy a ton of lottery tickets, as the odds are in my favor today.


Saturday we run some errands and then head back over to Lazy Days to partake of the free lunch in the cafe, and who do you think was getting their lunch AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!! Clearing the register together we offer them a seat with us at the first empty table we find, and spent an entire lunch with this lovely couple.  Oh, the adventures they’ve had in two and a half years on the road.  We lingered over the empty plates for as long as we could, and exchanged contact information.

My only regret was that I did not ask them if I could take some photos of them or their bus, in order to write a blog post about them.  When I emailed that sentiment to them a few days later, I received a response that they would send photos as soon as they had a good wireless signal.  And, sure enough, they did.  Their bus is a Bocklet house on a Man chassis.  Their dune buggy drives up a ramp in the rear into the basement.  What a great setup for worldly explorers like these two!!

Their journey is drawing to a close in a few months when they will ship their coach back home.  Hopefully we will stay in touch and maybe some day find them on the road again!

I told you that you wouldn’t believe this one…….one in 14.8 million vehicles.  I must have used up the odds in my favor thing on this encounter because we didn’t win the lottery on that Saturday night.  But, that’s ok……this was worth it!!

Until next time, Happy Trails to you,

Janet, Randy and Molly


9 responses to “Like a Needle in a Haystack

  1. It just goes to show that the odd makers can be wrong once in a while. And the world is really a small place sometimes. I don’s suppose they said what part of Germany they were from?
    On another subject re: your avaition section. I wanted to reply then, but didn’t and now can[t find a way to do it. That was my main job at Pope AFB, was FOD prevention & education. When the F-16 were stationed there, I had to sweep the taxiways that they would travel on to get to the runway, in advance of their movement. Those aircraft are huge vacuum machines, with their intake just a little bit off the ground. The base would regulary have FOD walks wehre hundreds of people would walk the flightline looking for FOD and usually quite a bit would be found. My pet peeve was people that would take their vehicals off the hard surfaces, travel through the grass and/or mud, then re-enter the paved surfaces, leaving a trail of stuff all over.

    • Hi Phil….thanks for following! Yes, they are from Cologne, and the Mrs. actually was originally from the place where I lived for 5 years, near Bitburg and Trier. So she was asking me all about the places I had visited near there. That’s right, you were a runway guy! When I was looking up FOD statistics (did I really just say that?) for the article, I was surprised at the damage numbers. I knew it was important, but didn’t realize how much so!!

  2. What are the odds indeed! I can relate to your excitement and I would be reacting the same way and getting the same response from the husband. Europeans or Germans in particular are quite adventurous bringing in their rigs here. We have seen a similar couple in AK in a similar kind of rig without those colorful paint.

    • Thanks for understanding the whole excitement thing. It’s the little things in life that get me going sometimes…..husband just has to live with my quirkiness…LOL.

  3. I had to laugh while reading this. Oh, do you sound just like me! And, your husband responded exactly as mine would. I so would have wanted to follow them. Glad you got to meet them and get the story. Do they have a blog? I would love to read about traveling through South America in a motorhome.

    Thanks for sharing this experience. Very cool!

    • So……do you have a blog? was one of my first questions to them as well. Sadly, they do not but explained that once a month they write a lengthy email to explain their travels and email to all their friends. I was so happy last week when I received it, and see I was included. I had to translate it but how cool is that?!

  4. How fun and what an interesting couple to meet.. The RVing community is full of some of the coolest and nicest folks around. Great story!

    • Thanks Ingrid!! You are sure right about that. So you are home now and off the road? I sure hope that doesn’t mean you stop writing in the blog?? (Insert sad face here.)

      • No, won’t stop blogging. Still have stories to share that I didn’t get a chance to write about while out on the road….poor internet and having way to much time to write 🙂

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