‘Lil Trivia About Hopkins’ Brake Buddy


Hopkins – Exceeding customer expectations…………….in everything we do!

At least that’s what it says on their website.  Well, anybody can put anything on the internet and we should just believe it’s the honest to goodness truth.  (“He’s a French model.” Right?)  Who hasn’t fallen for that one??  So, when I’m able to add a testimonial for something that works, I feel it’s my duty.


We did our fair share of research for a brake assist unit for our toad, and settled on the Brake Buddy System over a year ago.  It came so highly recommended from other RVer’s in the family.  One thing I know for certain is that there are a zillion opinions on which brake assist system is best, so I am not even going to go there.  Just like us, you’ll do all your research and make a good decision for your needs.

The Brake Buddy has worked very well for us with absolutely no issues……….until……….

Last trip out with the bus, my husband somehow managed to shut the toad door on the power plug for the Brake Buddy, and smashed it pretty good.  Way beyond repair and it just was not going to ever, ever, ever supply us with power ever again.

Back home and not sure where to begin, he found the manufacturer, Hopkins online and emailed them this question:  “Do you know where I can go to purchase a power plug that will work with your system?”

Within a day, he received a reply stating that if we would just supply our address……they would send us a replacement!!!!

WOW!!  Could it really be that simple?  Three days later, it arrived in the mailbox and was wired into the unit this morning.

So did they live up to their banner’s claim on their website???  

Did they exceed this customer’s expectations??

Heck yea!!!  Way to go Hopkins!!  Thank you!

There you have it.  A first hand experience for the better.  I wouldn’t dream of telling you which brake assist unit to choose for your towing setup, but if you decide to choose the Brake Buddy, I think you can be sure of fantastic customer support and service.  (And, isn’t that half the battle?)

That’s my little tidbit for today,

Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Janet, Randy and Molly

PS……Feel free to shout out here if you have ever smashed the power plug in the toad door.  I told my husband that I’m sure it happens all the time. 🙂 

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