Elvis is alive and well and living in Moab, UT


Yes, he is.  And, I’ll tell you how I know that.

Having only enough daylight left for a short excursion out of the campground, we left the bustling town of Moab, Utah for a narrow two lane, winding road that looked like it was headed to Nowhere.  Perfect.  Always wanted to go there.

Highway 279 winds closely along side of the Colorado River as it cuts back and forth through steep rock faces.  Taking a turn off, we found a boat launch that was completely void of any sign of civilization.  No boats, no cars, no people.  Just this amazing beauty, clearly begging for a parking ticket.  We stopped, killed the engine and got out.

It hits you immediately……BAM……absolute silence.  Ear ringing silence.  We hung around, speculating on this mystery for a while and to see if the driver would return, but still not a sound.  Sun begins sinking behind the rock walls, air begins to chill down from its former 105 degrees and so we decide to head back to camp.

Just before my husband cranks the diesel to life, I swear I can hear a guitar playing in the distance accompanied by the soulful “Are You Lonesome Tonight” lyrics.  Really???  Elvis!!!!

Mystery solved!!

Until next time, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

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