Sunflowers for the Ukraine Refugees

Interesting how all the feeds in my corner of the world have turned yellow with sunflowers. I felt it would be the right thing to research the sunflowers as they relate. Here’s what I got:

Throughout history, the sunflower was used as a symbol of peace. To the Ukraine people, they are representative of the warmth and power of the sun. They use them heavily in their folk art, and their embroidery.

Even the Orthodox Church is part of their early history. For example, during Lent, believers couldn’t use butter or lard. But, being so newly discovered, sunflower oil was not yet governed by the church’s rules, so its use took off.

When the health craze exploded in the 1990s, sunflower oil was the new thing to use for a healthy diet, so the fields grew even larger. Together, Russia and Ukraine supply approximately 75% of the world’s sunflower oil. Or, used to. Unless they blow them up.

In 1996 Ukraine, US, and Russian Defense Ministers planted their seeds in a ceremony that honored Ukraine’s giving up nuclear weapons.

Yet, here we are, 25 years later, not close to giving up those weapons or living in peace.

We need to plant more seeds.

Or, paint more sunflowers.

I promised you some prices on the watercolor notecards. I am offering up the following with proceeds to benefit the refugees. The mother and children who fled in the freezing temperatures, not knowing where they are going.

  • Set of four notecards, blank inside, w/env is$10.00.
  • 5×7 card, any of the prints shown, blank inside, w/env is $7.00
  • 5×7 print, any of the prints shown, matted in white to fit an 8×10 frame is $15.00
  • Plus shipping, which I can figure up for you with an address

I have set up Venmo, PayPal or can take check through the mail.

For more info or to order email me at:

On Facebook at Insomnia Werkz:

Or Instagram:

And, don’t forget, I’m still looking for nominations for agencies that are helping the Ukraine refugees. If you know of one, please share. Orders are coming in, so hopefully we can send a few dollars.

Happy Trails,



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