Welcome to Insomnia Werkz

Welcome to the middle of the night and you can’t sleep, so what do you do. Is it time to get back to the blog? And, to paint? What started as physical therapy has become somewhat of a passion. It’s a quiet thing to do in the night. I have thought about this blog every day for a year or more, just wondering if it was a good outlet. Recently, a few things have brought some motivation and inspiration, so I think I’ll give it a go. One post at a time. If it lasts a while, good; if not, that’s ok too.

People have been asking me if they can buy my prints. Usually, I blush and say thank you for such a great compliment, but I don’t have any platform to sell. However, now the requests are becoming more frequent, and I can’t ignore them anymore. Realizing that it’s hard for me to place value on my art, I decided that it would be easier to accept money if I gave it to a worthy cause. So, an idea was born to offer up a print and some cards for sale. After the cost of supplies, I would like to donate a share to the Ukrainian refugees who are suffering right now. (If anyone knows of a group helping them, you are welcome to nominate any group you know of.)

I will try and post the items for sale on my Facebook Page, starting with the sunflower print that got the ball rolling. 

I just realized that not everyone is on Facebook, so I’ll add some information here as well.

It seems the sunflowers are everywhere in support of the Ukrainians, so I went way back in my collection of Werkz to see if I had painted more. Indeed I must like sunflowers because there was enough to make a nice little set of notecards.

So give me a day or two to get things set up, but then you should be able to see the images and prices over on the Facebook page as well as here.


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