A New Year……A New Life

From the River Walk

From the River Walk

We are back after a year of few postings, and have to say I am excited about it!!!!  My New Year’s Resolution is to drink more water, less wine (or whine?) and be faithful to this blog.  It brought me great joy and peace and I need it back!!  Need the interaction with all of you faithful followers back!

Earlier this year, the boss and I realized that we needed to make a huge change in our work life.  We tried to make that happen, but it didn’t.  Finally in November, we said enough and just MADE it happen.  Difficult as it was to face leaving beautiful Indialantic, FL behind us, we put all of our goods in storage, moved into the bus and hit the road on December 10th.  This was a gigantic leap for us, but we are ready for it.

Cornbread on the BGE

First heading was for Ft. Hood, Texas to visit with son Kyle, who just returned from Afghanistan.  Stayed in his area, Killeen, for a few days than relocated to San Antonio and had him join us for Christmas.

Cannot believe that here in Texas, you can go into a chain grocery store, HEB and watch them make tortillas in front of you, put them in a bag and buy them.  I am in HEAVEN!!!!!

The River Walk is beautiful anytime, but especially so at Christmas with millions of lights.  The San Antonio KOA is not a bad place to sit for a while.  (More in-depth review will follow.)

The River Walk  hilton

The stress is starting to fall away now.  We feel renewed and refreshed.  There is a list in my head of some fantastic things to post about, and I can’t wait to start sharing them.  From the gem of a stop in Bay St. Louis, Missippippi to the new Big Green Egg, I think there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

This is going to be an exciting New Year for us, and hopefully for all of you as well.  May you all look back on 2014 with great joy, and look forward to 2015 with a sense of hope, happiness and prosperity.

Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

10 responses to “A New Year……A New Life

  1. Alwas enjoy your “stuff” whether blog or photos. Hope the blog includes lots og photos. “Fair winds & following seas”

  2. Welcome back Janet. We’re sitting in Rockport Texas for the month so be sure and let me know if you head down to the coast. I look forward to following your 2015 adventures and just maybe we’ll bump into each other. Cheers to a fun, adventure filled New Year 🙂

  3. can’t wait to see and read your new postings! and hope you get close enough to CA (or in) so we can hook up! sure miss you two!

  4. Safe travels Janet. It was great talking to you, but really sorry we couldn’t get together for a visit. Looking forward to your postings!

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