Racing the Storm – There’s An App for That!!

We made it in Sunday night after a 15 hour driving day just so we could be at work Monday morning.  We realized our daily limit somewhere around the 10 hour mark but pressed on.  The last 20 miles to home held threatening skies, just as black as night to the south.  I had our radar app going the whole way in and we literally beat the storm by minutes.  I started using MyRadar two years ago, and keep it handy any time we’re on the road.  When you open it, radar for your current location immediately loads.

weatherapp  weatherYou can zoom right down to street level.  Here’s what it looks like up in South Carolina this morning with Tropical Depression Andrea in their area.  Severe warnings are shown in the colored boxes, and also pushed out to the phone with a loud warning tone, just in case you’re not looking at the app when they come in.  A blue dot marks your current location at all times, which you don’t see here because I am obviously not in South Carolina this morning.  On the road, I usually run it on my iPad because it’s so much easier to see.

I love this thing, and remember last year heading south somewhere in the Carolinas, not giving a thought to the weather, when it alerted us to two tornado warnings just ahead of us.  We pulled into a rest area and sat while the storms made their way across the interstate and pressed on when it was safe to do so.

Here’s a zoomed in view of us NOT having any rain this morning…..thank you, Andrea for moving on!


There’s a host of options that you can turn on or off, depending on what you need.  I usually keep the temperature layer off, because I’m more concerned with the pop up intense wind and rain storms.  You can turn off the notifications if it’s annoying to you, or the cloud cover which doesn’t do much for me either.  For Aviation buffs, you can turn on the Airmets and Sigmets layer, and even over lay a flight path.  Haven’t tried that one yet.

There are tons of weather apps out there, but I’m sticking with this until someone shows me a better way to just get a radar image in a hurry.  For temperature and forecast info I use the Weather Channel app, but for radar, this is my favorite.

Do you have a radar app that you use??  What are your favorite, won’t leave home without, apps or tools for navigating around weather on the road??  Am I missing something else out there that is better??

Or do you prefer the “look out the window” weather checker??


We’re still researching the tow bar issue and I have sorted out some images to post something on that soon.

Until then, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

9 responses to “Racing the Storm – There’s An App for That!!

  1. Glad that you got home safe & sound and beat the weather also! I don’t think nothing much happened here in Jacksonville, but we were up around 0330 this morning with tornado warnings. Your weather app sounds very interesting, might have to look into that. Take care

  2. So glad you made it home before the storms hit. Stay safe.

    I am going to install that app on my phone. Thanks for the heads up. We usually just use the Weather Channel but the radar isn’t my favorite.

  3. Glad you made it home okay. I use the weather channel app but think I’ll download the radar one. High winds are always a big concern out west and the notifications are great.

  4. Thank you ALL for your comments above. Nice to bring something interesting to light, and let people have a look. We even used it at work this week when Andrea was approaching, and the tornado warnings were sprouting. Hard to keep a 747-400 aircraft out of harm’s way in the open, but we wanted to be prepared anyway. Hope you all like it!!!

  5. Believe it or not we are sooo behind on those cool gadgets, our phones are not even smart! ha ha .When the time comes I will refer to you and ask for more tips. Glad you made it home safe. We were in NC when the storm rages and we got drenched.

    • Hope you are dried out by now. That app works on an iPad also just in case you have one of those? I think one of the reasons we feel a need to stay so on top of the weather is that we are always pushing to get somewhere. I think if we were full timing we would adopt a different attitude of sitting things out, and waiting for weather to clear. What do you use to see the weather? Or do you mostly just hang back and wait for it to clear off before you press on?

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