Here Comes the Bride…..There Goes the Bride

Well, a late update is better than no update at all.  That’s my thought any way.  Wow, what a whirlwind week it has been, and I haven’t even been close to posting anything at all.  So…..let’s get you filled in on exactly how six days can go by in the blink of an eye.

Arrived at The Villages RV Park in Oneida, NY on Tuesday and then did the only thing I could do….sleep for the rest of that day.  I was in pretty rough shape, but still determined to push through it as the doctor in Florida had said I was just fine, and cleared to travel.  So, it must just be me not dealing with the discomfort after surgery very well.  After a very bad Tuesday night, spent all of Wednesday morning trying to find an urgent care.  While they are on every other corner in Florida, not so here in upstate NY.  Most have either closed or limited their practice to only the regular patients of the doctors who staff them.  I called my doctor in Florida, and asked only for guidance on seeking further medical attention based on my symptoms.  I knew he could not assess anything from 1200 miles away on the phone, but I merely wanted his opinion on whether I needed to be seen by someone.

His response to my message was penned on the paper, “Will not assess over the phone.”  Thank goodness his nurse who called to relay this really lame response, listened to me and told me exactly what to do.  Get into somewhere and what tests to ask for.

So I ended up at the Emergency Room in the little hospital here in Oneida.


They came highly recommended by all.  And, I found out why.  In and out the door in under two hours.  Treated with the utmost care and kindness AND after telling them the same things I’ve been telling my doctor in Florida for two weeks or more, they had the answer with one small test.  Massive infection I guess after the surgical procedure.  THANK YOU ONEIDA HEALTH CARE!!!!!

Two prescriptions later, resting all day Thursday and most of Friday and I was comfortable enough for the rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

The only thing not cooperating now was the weather.  Temperatures dropping by 40 degrees or better and massive amounts of moisture falling from the skies.  This was the view out the windshield in camp.  Yuk!


Saturday dawned with a forecast of high maybe 50 degrees, major chance of rain and a 22 mph wind.  Just want you want for an outdoor garden wedding.  The Rome Art and Community Center is a lovely building with beautiful grounds and would have made for spectacular pictures.  But we just moved inside and used the interior of the historic building instead.  Not going to let it ruin our day.


All that being said, I know what you are really waiting for is a picture of the Bride and Groom……, wait no more, here they are!!!  (The following two shots are not my images, but the photographer who did the wedding, more on that another time.)

May I present, my daughter Johanna and my new son Alex!!!!!



The reception followed at 6:00 pm in a nearby town at Valentino’s Banquet Hall, and it was transformed into a starry wonderland.  I am so proud of these two, planning this entire day and working so hard to make sure everyone had a great time.  I wasn’t prepared to have so much fun at a wedding reception, but it was great.  And the best part was this beautiful candle they had made just for ME!!!!  With a dolphin and a turtle!!  (Everybody had a special candle at their place, hand painted just for them.)



They newly weds flew off to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica this morning, so it’s time to breathe.  The whole thing seems just a little surreal to me.  Here she comes and……there she goes!!!!  Off on the honeymoon already??  Couldn’t we have made this last just a little longer??

The temperatures actually warmed up today and was able to get out and walk around with just a light jacket.  Took some pictures of the park, and really just enjoyed the warm sun on my face.

We are leaving out in the morning, and the DH says we are going to “swing by the Smokey Mountains” on the way home.  He’s been there before but I have not so this should be great fun.  He says they are beautiful, and he’s usually right.  About so many things……..

Until next time, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

15 responses to “Here Comes the Bride…..There Goes the Bride

  1. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Enjoy the rest of your travel adventures. 😦

    • I was thinking the exact same thing about an hour before I saw your post here. Up until Friday, was not fit company for anyone though. And, then it was all wedding things…….so sorry, would have loved to see you and maybe meet the new guy. Stay in touch….I know YOUR big day is coming up soon too!!

  2. First off, so gald you are feeling better. I’m sure it was a beautiful wedding and they look so happy. Take care & keep getting rest until that infection is cleared up. Have fun on your return trip. Enjoy reading about your experiences. Stop in, if you have the time, if not, we’ll try & connect later. Take care. P

    • Thank you Phil, I am taking it easy……naps are my friend. So glad you follow and read this blog. We will take it easier going home I think, than the ride up here.

  3. Congratulations on your daughters wedding. I’m so happy you were feeling better so you could enjoy the whole thing. Hopefully you guys will be able to take your time on the return journey to FL. Our new favorite word: meander…’s to meandering. Safe travels 🙂

    • Love that word….meander!!! My preferred mode of travel. Sometimes even the DH will meander on a return trip….LOL!

  4. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom! Congratulations!

    So glad you found out what was wrong and were able to enjoy this special day. Guess it is time for a new doctor.

    The Smokey Mountains are beautiful. Travel safely and have a wonderful time.

    • Definitely time for a new doctor. If I go through this ever again, and I hear the chances of a second time are pretty high, it will have to be with someone else. Great guy, very nice……but just not as a doctor.

  5. That is funny I had all my procedures at Oneida Hospital and they are the urologists in the area!! You made a good choice, Rome doesn’t even have one!!

    • I was so surprised that Mohawk Glen was closed for two days, without notice, and that you can’t get into Rome Medical unless you are a patient. I was trying not to pay the ER co-pay but it finally didn’t matter, I would have paid triple co-pay just to make it stop. They were wonderful, and I’m doing really good now!!! Hope you are too!! Thanks for the comment, it makes me feel better!

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