Ah….. Potts-hole-vania, Just as Remembered


The best thing about RVing is  ________?  For me, I like the opportunity  to see someone else’s sunrise.  Determined to make up some miles today we rousted Molly out before 6:00 am…..or tried to.


We kept the getting the “I don’t care” look.  The trick is to start the ignition, and she runs for my lap……every time.  She can be persuaded.

The overnight was a rest area on westbound I-64 near Charlottesville, Va.  Quiet, seemingly unknown to the truckers, we had a restful night.  Down the on ramp by 6:10 am…..yea us.  We do our best driving in the morning, and score more miles when we get ourselves moving early.  But I know others who wouldn’t dream of moving until after 8:00 am and they seem to do just fine too.

Glad we did get the early start or we would have missed this sunrise over the Shenandoah National Park.  The fog wasn’t a real problem, only heavy for a few minutes in two spots.


But then we hit Pots-hole-vania…….that big pothole right under New York……has it ever NOT been a nightmare to get through with construction or places sadly in need of construction???


I would love to sell Pennsylvania orange cones and construction signage……I could live a nice life on the proceeds of that.

Just over the border into NY, there is lovely Welcome Center.  Been here before.  If you stop early, there are small islands with trees, and if you can park next to one of them, you can even open up a slide and cook…..or get around the end of the bed without looking like an old gymnast.

We did 424 miles today and feeling old, tired and beat up.  I’m living on Motrin and feeling the pain of the kidney ordeal again tonight.  We will be at Turning Stone Villages RV resort in the morning, short hop up the road, where I plan to sleep for at least 24 hours straight.  Or at least, not get out of my bathrobe.

Thank you all for the previous comments…..so great to hear from you all.  I will get to reading and answering when we are settled and Turning Stone is paying for the wireless instead of me tapping off the iPads data plan.

Until then, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

If it’s not the sunrises, what is YOUR favorite thing about RVing??  What makes it great for you? The one thing you would hate to give up or would miss the most if you quit tomorrow??

(Side note:  the spell check on word press does not recognize “rousted” as a word?????  What’s up with that?? Am I too old or something?)

4 responses to “Ah….. Potts-hole-vania, Just as Remembered

  1. Living in PA most of my life, I had to laugh at your nickname for the state! You absolutely correct. PA has the worst roads. We use to ride our motorcycle anywhere but PA because two wheels are much worse on those roads. Hope your MH is still in one piece!!

    If we are on the road before 10:00, we are doing great!! We love visiting small town American in the MH.

    • I saw a few bikes out on the interstate traveling close behind a car or truck, in the passing lane, exceeding the speed limit. I thought to myself that they were just asking for trouble. I used to ride a bike for years, and I know you can’t react that fast when you can’t see what’s ahead. Actually the bus did not make it through PA in one piece. When we stopped, I found a six foot long piece of wood laying across our bed, having been rattled out of it’s place on the slide out casing. You couldn’t open any cupboard door without a net!! But nothing broke, so that’s a good thing.

  2. Sunrises are great, as are sunsets, but just getting out into nature, seeing new little slices of this country, make RVing so special.

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