On The Road Again


Let the blogging begin.  We are on the road headed to upstate NY for THE wedding.  My oldest daughter’s wedding.  The past couple of weeks have been just a blur.  No time to think, to blog, to do much of anything except deal with:

One huge Open House event with over 1500 people in attendance.

Completing a critical FAA certification.

And, one awful Kidney Stone attack, complete with surgery for yours truly.

Those are my only excuses but I think they are pretty darn good ones, especially that whole Kidney Stone thing.  They are behind us now so I’m going to make every effort to be blogging again.  Because, quite frankly, I missed it.

The DH was totally responsible for getting us ready for this trip, and I salute him for that.  Most days this past week, I couldn’t even get myself dressed or move from a fetal position, so he did it all.  The plan was to leave out early yesterday morning, but one more severe pain episode left us wondering if the trip was even going to happen at all.  24 hours later, we made the decision to depart, and happy to report I’m holding up good so far.

So is Molly, cuddled in her favorite RV spot at my feet.  She sits on my lap for all landings, and take offs……..then when the road sound becomes level, she soon heads to the floor.  Something about the increased sound of accelerating down the “on ramps” and the air brakes on the “exit ramps” puts her right in my lap.


So…..we are back.  And, while I haven’t been blogging, I have tried to keep up and read most of your blogs.  I had to live vicariously through you all there for a while.

Sitting in a rest area near Jacksonville and heading out here shortly.  Stay tuned to see how far we make it today!!

Until then, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

9 responses to “On The Road Again

  1. Glad top hear that you’re feeling better. Kidney stones are no laughing matter. Please say “hello to Hannah for us & we wish her all the best in her next big adventure. Tschues

  2. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you are over the hump. Safe travels to NY. This is a great time of year for a wedding. Where in northern NY? My family is from northern NY which for us means north of Watertown. My family lives on the St. Lawrence River in Clayton.

    Have a safe trip. Drive carefully! Watch those take offs and landing with Molly!!

    • I have been to Clayton several times to boat on the river. It’s beautiful up there. Our clan, while not from there, has somehow settled into the Mohawk Valley region of Rome and Whitesboro. My dad was stationed at Griffiss several time during his AF career as a B-52 pilot. It’s raining here this morning and 48 degrees…….high for today is expected to be 49 degrees…..yuk!

  3. Gosh, hope you’re feeling better…..not a fun situation. Have fun in NY and enjoy that wedding. Look forward to photos 🙂 Safe travels.

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better! Go easy and rest when you need it! Okay, enough mother-henpecking from me. Have a wonderful and safe trip. I’m looking forwarding to reading about your adventure 🙂

  5. have a safe and fun trip. congrats to daughter! enjoy the wedding! hope you get to feeling better! take care!

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