The Infamous East Lake Fish Camp


When we first relocated to Florida for a new job two years ago, the housing market was a nightmare.  What a mess and no signs of it getting any better.  Having just left a two story, four bedroom house, I begged the DH to please let us live in our RV for a few months until we got the “lay of the land”.  Coming out of upstate NY to the swamp called Kissimmee, we needed to see if this place was really for us before we set down serious roots.


I always thought this looked like an old Florida painting.

Six miles from the Orlando International Airport, and his new position, we made our home in the Fish Camp.  We agreed it was the best solution for the moment. Cheap monthly rate, great logistically but a real strange place.  I don’t think I will attempt a review of the camp at this time, I’ve tried to stay away from that.  Remember what Thumper’s Mom said in the movie Bambi??  I’ll never forget it, seems like I’d heard it before, “If you can’t something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Enough said at this time.

Little Blue Heron

This little guy was apparently trying to hear over the roar of the airboats near the marina. They could be loud, but the creatures seemed immune and not afraid.

We spent a year there and tried to focus on the upside.  For me, it was the opportunity to not be working at a day job, free to roam and explore with my camera.  Without a doubt, I collected some of the best images ever and will be forever grateful for that.  It all came to a grinding halt after the DH’s horrible car accident, and our subsequent relocation to Melbourne.

Baby Owls

The sound of these babies drew me towards the office one evening and I finally found them on a low branch of an oak tree. They were very interested in the white fur ball on the leash I had with me.

What started as a collection titled “My New Neighbors”, and was for my daughters who were still in upstate NY.  I wanted them to know all about the great new things I was finding each and every day.  But it grew and grew as I found so many new critters.  The birds are what got me the most.  I had no experience with these long legged water birds.


Initially, I thought they were fighting……I think they were just twitterpated.


Bobo was a colorful find, but not wild.  He lived up the street with a couple we had met, and came down to visit on site once in a while.

Bobo was a visitor that came to the site perched on his owner's shoulder.

Bobo was a visitor that came to the site perched on his owner’s shoulder.

You can see why I was so excited about the wildlife at the Fish Camp.  But the best story is the one about the GIANT ANACONDA…..I’ll save that for next time.

Until then, Happy Trails to you,

Janet, Randy and Molly


6 responses to “The Infamous East Lake Fish Camp

  1. Great photography, and love those birds especially that one that is trying to listen to something.
    On another note, I found the Happy Camper wine at Total Wine here in Greenville SC. Was surprised that it is from CA where we came from. I have not opened it yet but was happy to find one.
    And on another note, we did not like the alligator meat. Steve fried it and we thought it taste too gamey.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you found the wine. Can’t wait to hear a more expert opinion than mine. I am very limited in my taste and experience, I kind of stick to the same thing all the time. So will be glad to hear what you think. I have never had the nerve to try the alligator. Lot of people around here swear it’s the best thing, but I don’t know…..maybe next time!

  2. Your photos are incredible! I love how close-up and vibrant they are. Photography is just one of those things that no matter how much I practice, I never seem to get much better.
    The birds would make me a bit nervous as they are not my favorite creatures. I think it has something to do with getting attacked by a rooster at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid.
    Looking forward to hearing about the anaconda. I hate snakes too… but thankfully I don’t have any childhood related trauma associated with them! 😉

    • I WAS attacked when I was little by a neighbors silly parakeet…..well, it flew across a room and landed on my head. I am told I reacted like attacked. LOL. But somehow these tall, graceful things were just the most fun to get close to. The Sandhill Cranes used to try to climb in the golf cart with me, even with the dog. Don’t worry about the photography, it will come in time. The fact that you even want to learn is a big part of it…..don’t give up until you love what you capture.

    • Thanks LuAnn…….very glad to share it and more glad you like it! Fish Camp was truly a photographer’s paradise. I loved being outdoors everyday and just seeing it all.

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