Happy Camper Update!!!

Happy Camper Is HERE!!

It’s HERE!!!  Finally I have my very own three bottles of Happy Camper, thanks to the Grand Opening of a new Total Wine and More store not far from home.  My first experience with a mega wine outlet.  Some people we met on the road a while back mentioned that they love this store, and it was worth a 30 minute drive up the road.


Not sure which was better, taking pictures of the bottles, or trying it.  I apologize right up front to all the people in this world who know about wine and can speak about it in those eloquent words they use when reviewing……you won’t find those here.  Wine novice, that’s me.  I tried the Merlot and the Cabernet, and have to say this is not a bad wine.  At $8.00 a bottle, it’s worth a try.

Here is all I know about wine.  I like a dryer wine over a sweeter wine.  If I want sweet, I’ll have cheesecake.  I like wine with food, real food.  And cheese, and crackers.  Dryer, and with deeper flavor….maybe even a little smokey.  I tend to go for the Old Vine Zinfadels.  Deep, luscious with oak or chocolate tones.

Love My Blue Tables

The Cabernet was lighter and more “berry like” than the Merlot.  Both were very good, but did not have the depth of the Old Vine Zins, and I wouldn’t expect them to.  Would definitely choose this again and happily serve it to guests.

All you people who review wine for a living……your jobs are still safe!!

I think I will save the Chardonnay for our upcoming trip to NY.  This stuff is best served in a campground, kicked back in some great chairs under the stars.  But it wasn’t bad right here at home either.

Now the only thing I’m missing are those awesome glasses that I have never ordered from Amazon.  I really need to get things done for this trip.  We only have a few weeks left to get ready.

There you have it, the reds are great…….the white will wait until we are on the road.  Maybe with some grilled chicken??

What are your favorites?  Have anything to recommend??  Please leave me with some good recommendations…..it’s a wine jungle out there.  I’ve bought more bad wine than I care to tell you about.  So please leave  your very favorite in the comment section.

Until next time, Happy Trails to you,

Janet, Randy and Molly


8 responses to “Happy Camper Update!!!

  1. Yeah, so those wines are sold in that store in FL? We are winos too and would like to taste them. We are also red wine drinkers and save the Chards for scrabble time.
    Wines on the beach , perfect!

    • See the post above, and you can find them!! They are from California, you’d think you could get them easily in Washington. You’ll have to let me know!!

    • Thank you…….I usually don’t think of wine and beach together, but it was the prettiest place on the property to take a picture. (Dare I tell you…….without sounding like, well you know………that’s my backyard….yes, I appreciate that fact every single day that we’ve lived here and never take it for granted.)

  2. There’s a Total Wine and More near our son’s home in Phoenix that we like to wonder…..adult toy store! You did a great job describing the wine. Glad you finally found it. Enjoy!

    • Adult toy store……..LOL……it surely was. Says alot about my age, but it’s about as toy as I get these days….!!!! And, thank you too for the compliment, but like said, the wine reviewers of America are still safe with their jobs!!

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