3D Printing?? You’re Kidding, Right?

MakerBot Replicator 2

Someone should have definitely told me about this sooner!  Two weeks ago, cruising a news site online, I stumbled on a headline about 3D printing.  What in the world?  I cannot wrap my head around the words at all. Google…… take me there and explain it to me because I must live under a rock.  I’m usually on top of anything that has to do with photography or “printing”.  The news story reveals to me that we now are able to “print” in plastic, three-dimensional objects and these “printers” are available to the common man for around $2,000. 


I need to know HOW IT WORKS, but unfortunately our job is very hectic right now, so trying to figure this all out was put on hold and I lost track of it from my mind completely, until this past week.

As the “Queen of Coincidences” lately, why was I surprised when one of these 3D Printers showed up at work last Monday!!

Several members of our Engineering department have joined us here in the sunshine state this week, and while they were busy setting up their computers, I noticed a box on the floor that said, “MakerBot: Replicator 2”.  Ok, fancy engineering stuff.  Not interested.

It wasn’t until they unpacked it and set it up that I realized it was one of the infamous 3D printers from the news story!  OK, now I’m more than interested. And it has very cool blue lighting, which makes it seem even more magical.

First off, they make a chain.  I’m watching it grow off this flat surface and I still can’t come to grips with this.  I didn’t take a photo of the chain they made because we’re busy and I’m still all gaga that this thing is actually only 6 feet from my office door.  But this is exactly what they made.  This photo is compliments of the Thingiverse.com website where you can find all sorts of plans.


This is for work after all, so they set up a bracket that they may need to fabricate.  The MakerBot will create it in plastic so it can be checked for detail and fit.  It it’s good, then it can be fabricated from the proper material required for the job.  This is just a short video I took so you can see and hear it working.

After a few hours, this is what the finished bracket looked like.


That night, I visit thingiverse.com to see just what mankind’s imagination has come up with for this new marvel.  Definitely interesting to see what people have  to share.  With all the categories to browse, I find myself not able to leave the jewelry section.  My doubt that one could actually create a stretch bracelet was put to rest the next day when one of the guys kindly made one, right in front of our eyes!!

Stretch bracelet



So there you have it.  If you live under a rock, like me, this is all some big revelation for you.  If you’ve heard of them before, I salute you, and you’re probably wishing I’d get back to the RV stuff.  I’m finding out that although all the WordPress gurus tell you to keep your blog focused, I’d rather write about something that really excites me.  Even if it is slightly off the normal topic.

Sadly, the gist of the original, first news story I read was that some people have decided this new technology is perfect for fabricating guns, and/or gun parts, as they are undetectable and untraceable.  They showed several weapons, and how they were pieced together from smaller “printed” pieces.  More fuel for the gun control debate is what it said to me. If you google the subject, there is much to read and some of it is downright scary.

The past two weeks have been filled with more work hours than I care to remember, one extremely nasty cold that still lingers and even a kidney stone thrown in for good measure.  I’ve missed my little corner here, and just had to find the right bit of excitement to share with you.

Until next time, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

12 responses to “3D Printing?? You’re Kidding, Right?

  1. I’m guessing that you don’t read Popular mechanics. About a year ago, Jay Leno [of the Tonight Show fame] is a contributing editor to PM and he had an article about 3D printing and how he went right out and bought one to replicate parts for the many antique autos he owns. Yours & his article were very interesting, but unfortunately, it’s a little out of my price range now. P

    • Nope PM is not on my reading list….LOL. I can imagine it for those hard to find parts. Do you know you can even set it to either be rigid plastic, or set it to be movable? If your part has a movable piece it will do that too. Definitely out of my price range too!! Bet in the future, everyone will have one, just like a printer. No more “made in China”.

  2. I found this machine amazing. Sometime last year, one of the shows we watch was wound around a copier that could make a real gun. I couldn’t believe there was such a device. Lo and behold, one of the news shows demonstrated one. And now…you have one! Very cool!

    • Amazing thing…..can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this one. And you saw it on a TV show. I do live under a rock I think. Actually, it belongs to the Engineering guys…..I just WISH I had one…LOL!!

  3. Wow… I have heard of them but never seen one in action. My first thought is uggg… wouldn’t want to deal with the paper – err I mean plastic jam! 😉 Cool stuff though! Hopefully not too much evil will come out of the good. Hope you’re feeling 100% better soon 🙂

    • I am embarrassed to tell you that one of my first thoughts when I read “3D printing” was of paper that was printed and then somehow folded into 3d??? What else could it be……LOL??? I really had no clue what it meant…….under my rock, and happy there!!! LOL!

  4. The first time I heard about this copiers was watching a special about Jeff Dunham. He used one of these 3D copiers to make one of his puppets. Then it was just on the news a few weeks ago about being able to make gun parts. Humm, maybe I could clone/copy myself and get more work done. Nah, one of me is plenty….just ask my husband…lol.

    • Oh wow…..a puppet? Now that is very cool…..there are so many ideas out there that I’m still trying to search through it all. Yes, thank you, I am better. I did what anyone would do…..make a doctor’s appointment, and drink a ton of water and cranberry and ALL of the symptoms magically disappeared. But I have to say that at 4:00 am, three hours from home, it was significantly scary…….don’t want to do that again. We were in Tampa, at Lazy Days, and all I knew was I wanted to be home. Worst thing I’ve ever been through. Would rather birth a child than do that again…..LOL.

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