Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes the fleetest of images gets stuck in your mind and then at some point, makes sense to you.  This guy appeared in front of us on the drive home from work today.  It’s been a long week at work.  It’s been a stressful, tiring week at work.  Long hours and much to grumble about on the ride home.

Somehow this furry guy, with a comfy seat ride, complete with windshield, chose to ride stretched out over the wheel cover so he could get his face in the wind.  And, no doubt, to be able to get a better view of what was coming at him.


Ok, I get the lesson here.  Stop grumbling, Janet and get your face in the wind.  See what’s coming at you and enjoy the ride.  Make sure you have your safety harness on, like he did, just in case the bumps in the road get out of hand.  (The DH is my safety harness and keeps me from going overboard.)

Life Lesson:  Never Ride with Your Good Camera in the Trunk

Apologies for the quality of these images.  I threw my camera in my laptop bag and loaded it in the trunk.  Figures. So you get cell phone images, but hopefully you can still feel the wind in his fur!


Happy Friday Eve!! Hope you are having a good week, and if not – hang in there, it’s almost over!!

Hoping for a weekend trip to the new Wine and More store that just opened near here.  Their website says they stock the Happy Camper Wine, so watch for an update!!

Until next time, Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

6 responses to “Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. As fulltimer retired people, my husband always says every Friday, “Thank goodness it’s the weekend and we can kick back!” He is quite the comedian!

    Love the picture of the dog!

    • That’s too funny…..I can only hope we are making similar “funnies” in the near future, but for now….stuck working. Thank you, that dog was so cute…..I looked for him tonight, but not a sign of him.

    • Thank you ML…..keep your fingers crossed!! I told Randy that if they don’t have it, we’re just going to have to hit the road and drive until we find it.

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