Exit 10 Cafe


We dropped the Monaco off last weekend at Lazy Days – Tampa for what will hopefully be the last of some warranty work.  The curbside front slide seems to be possessed, and goes out all on its own.  Found it open about 12 inches parked over at our storage lot on a couple of occasions.  AND, it gets excited when we hit the road because it tries to go out when we’re driving it too.

Called Lazy Days, got an appointment and drove over last weekend.  But, not before we went to a local source and purchased slide locks.  The DH thought we’d be fine without them, but I just couldn’t visualize being out on I-4 in traffic and trying to find a place to pull off to shut down the engine to pull it back in again.  Prevention is worth a pound of cure in my book, unless we’re talking about flu shots.

If you haven’t been to Lazy Days, it’s like the RVer mecca of west coast Florida.  HUGE is all I can say.  We bought the coach there so have spent a fair amount of time on the premises, in the bays, in the store, in the cafes, in the campground…..yup, I’d say we could almost rate as Lazy Days (Tampa) experts.  Their new camping store is open now, right next to the old Camping World Store, which we heard is finally giving up and moving up the road.

If you’re a registered camper at the Lazy Days Campground, you receive tokens for free breakfast and lunch over that the Lazy Days cafe.  Not real fancy, but you have the option of spending your own money for larger, fancier fare.  Suits us fine and helps keep the expenses in check for the weekend.

But, evenings you are on your own.  So if you don’t want to get out the grill or head over to the on site Cracker Barrel, you can walk up to the Exit 10 Cafe and Pub.  Located near to the campground office up front, it features a class A rear end at the front door, looking exactly like it has plowed right through the building.

Wait until you see the inside.  I love sitting in the slide outs!!  I found this on YouTube, and it’s much better than I could have filmed.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 3-9 pm, and featuring a pub style menu.  Burgers, sandwiches, wings, snacks, pizza, wine and beer…….but we don’t go for the food.  We go for the decor.  Where else do you get to sit on stools made of wheel rims, and the walls are covered with RV related stuff.  I love it.  Especially the mood there……and the napkins.


Not the greatest shot with my phone camera, but you get the idea.  These days, if we don’t happen to be at a place where we can gather at the table and share our stories, we log on and share through our blogs.  Have to say I would prefer the table, face to face but the blog ain’t bad either.  We’re meeting some incredible people and sharing some great stories.

Where’s your favorite table? And who do you love to sit around it with?

Until next time, Happy Trails to you,

Janet, Randy and Molly

9 responses to “Exit 10 Cafe

  1. The RV Cafe is so cute. We have our southeastern Discovery Rally at Lazy Days every Jan. It is quite a place. We spent a month at the new Lazy Days in Tucson this winter. It isn’t as large but the sites are hundred times better…huge. There are citrus trees between all the sites. I had to buy a juicer because we had an orange tree on one side and a pink grapefruit on the other. I froze 5 qts. of juice.

    Hope all goes well with your slide. That would definitely scare me as we went down the road.

    • I read your comment to DH who is sitting across from me……he wants to leave right now for Tucson!!! You just made me want to go there and try it out…….campground fees plus the cost of a juicer….oh yea! I’m in!!!

      • I was in heaven! Feb was the perfect fruit time. We only have one qt left:( I made combo juice, half orange half grapefruit…so good! Head west next winter!

  2. Hope your slide outs get fixed. We had slide out issues right on the day we began our fulltiming. It took three weeks to be fixed but then it wasnt really fixed until we brought Betsy to Oregon. I have stories about our issues and finally both our slides seem to be working. It is different from what you are experiencing but still its an inconvenience.
    That Exit 10 cafe seems fun and I like that table napkin too.

    • Did your slides extend on their own? Ours are hydraulic and they are guessing it has something to do with a hydraulic lock that’s failing. I hope they get it. We found some old paperwork in the bus last weekend (in with the manuals) that indicates it was an issue even when the bus was new with the original owner. They had to stop on the road in Arizona and get it “fixed”. I’ll keep you all posted!!

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