F.O.D. Walk Find

Later Gator

Internationally, FOD costs the aviation industry $13 billion per year.  So, we take our FOD very seriously.  Every day, different people are assigned to take a FOD walk.  Not for their health, although I’m sure they reap the benefits of a brisk walk around the properties ramp area, a huge expanse of concrete.  But rather for the health of our engines.  Any FOD (Foreign Object Damage) debris found is gathered up, returned to the site and scrutinized for it’s origin.

Today it was bubble wrap gone wild.  A large piece had been taken from it’s previous home by yesterday’s winds, and deposited along the back edge of the concrete ramp, which is bordered by a wet, grassy area.  When our guy went to retrieve the bubble wrap, he ran into this………what a surprise!!  We are inside the fenced, gated, badge required airport area….no body gets in without a badge, unless they swim in through the storm drains I guess.


Of course, I was dispatched from my office immediately to record the momentous encounter, and met up with airport officials who kept me in stitches with their tales of dealing with gators at the airport…….like the time an entire a plane load of Continental passengers had to sit on the taxi way, waiting for a nice six footer to be removed from their path.   This one today was about three to four feet, and one of two gators spotted.  The other one was smaller, and actually seen from the ramp area, down inside a 2 ft X 2 ft storm grate, just floating down below on the surface of the murky water that carries the runoff from all that concrete.

Only in Florida……I love this place!!

Quick one for tonight, and another entry for the Aviation category.  I just had to share this one with you all.  Needless to say, the whole incident adds supplemental paragraphs to our “safety in the workplace” procedures.  I’ll get right on that in the morning.

COMING UP:  I do have a really wild tale to tell you about just how small the RV world is.  Seriously, this was a one in a million.  Working on some image permissions and hope to get it out  soon.

Until then, Happy Trails to You!!!!

Janet, Randy and Molly


9 responses to “F.O.D. Walk Find

    • We tried to talk him into “noodling” for the one in the storm drain yesterday……told him we’d go get some chicken juice to smear on his arm even. But he declined!! Go figure.

    • I thought I responded to this, but now can’t see it……still figuring out the comment portion of this blog thing. But I think I said something like how cool baby gators are and asked if your picture was on your blog page? Would love to see it!!

    • Yes, if they feel like moving at all. Sort of like they know we are not going to insist too strongly…..sounds like you have experience?

  1. I spend quite a lot of time observing and photographing alligators in the wild. If you get a minute feel free to check out my photo blog. At the top is a gallery of alligator images, and on the right is all the posts I have maed involving them, and the photos are different.

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