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As promised earlier this week, and in order to get some posts in the aviation category, decided to give you an idea of what we do.  Our company takes in used Boeing 747, 737 and 777 from airlines who no longer have a need for them. They come to us from all over the world;  Japan, Singapore, etc. arriving either in the colors of their previous airline, or stripped of their colors.  This is a 747-400 doing a test flight at our northern location, before the exterior was complete.


Our customer is Transaero Airlines, from Russia.  They bring us the still-very-servicable planes which are then re-worked to meet the interior configurations that matches Transaero’s fleet.  The interiors are sometimes gutted and work is started from the floor up, or the ceiling down, however you want to look at it.

walls avionics2

Miles and miles of wiring is carefully redone to handle the new In Flight Entertainment Systems and changes to the cabin layout.


Here is a tail section being primed for new Transaero colors.


Those are just a couple of the aspects of the work that is accomplished.  We couldn’t be more proud of the finished product.  We have a great team, and they should be very proud of work they do.  And, now, they should be very happy because there are finally some pictures up in the “Aviation” section.

Not sure how exactly to justify mixing the Aviation post with the RV theme on the blog.  We live, eat, sleep aviation 24/7 so it’s a major part of each day.  Our bus is set up so that we can still work from the road.  At times, we travel back and forth from our northern location in NY to our southern location where we are based, and the bus makes it possible for us to be comfortable on the road.  Even when we go out for a few days, we still need to have complete communication available. We’ve run into many fellow RVer’s who come from an Aviation background and love to swap stories.  Hopefully it’s of interest to some of you, and you won’t mind the mix of topics.

If you’ve read this far, I know you can’t wait to see the finished product.

This is “What We Do”.


Until next time,  Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly


10 responses to “What We Do

  1. How interesting…thank you for sharing. Where is the southern location? Talk about a specialized business! Next time you’re in CO, be sure and let us know. I think we’d have fun swapping stories 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post. We are currently based in Melbourne, FL. I can almost guarantee that we will be back out west to visit next year. We love it!!! I will most certainly keep you posted, and have enjoyed very much following your posts!

    • You can’t……the computer world of the Space Coast would not survive well without you!!! Thank you for checking out the blog, I do appreciate it! It’s been a challenge, but I haven’t called your guru……yet!! LOL

  3. does the ‘visit the site’ count when I get the update email? if not I’ll visit anyways! I enjoy reading it..keep up the good work..and I forward the emails to Don..can’t have him miss ’em!

    • Thank you Janice!!! Yes, it will still count, even as a follower. Thanks for visiting……I really appreciate it! Hope you guys had a great weekend out, loved the photos Don posted. Looked so peaceful there!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. Do you know yet where you will be for the winter? Sounds like we should stay in touch and try to do that. I have really enjoyed following your posts!!

    • We have stayed pretty much along the main corridors, I-75, I-95 and down to the keys. There are so many places on our Florida wish list. The main highways are always busy it seems, there is alot of traffic in this state. We have a favorite place near Okeechobee, one near Ocala, and one over in the Tampa area. As you get closer, let us know where you are interested in, and we’ll share any info we have.

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