Real Life….Real Mountains….Real Truck

Ford F350

On my way to somewhere else, I ended up here instead.  Sound familiar?  I’ve been taking some heat from the guys at work about having an “Aviation” category here on the blog, but no “Aviation” posts or pictures yet.  It’s what we do…’s what they do…..and they want to see their work immortalized up here on the screen.  I was scouting for the perfect set of photos to explain what we do for a living, because that seemed like a logical place to start.  I did gather some images, but then I came across this and it made me smile.

Coming out of Yellowstone, we ended up in the Bighorn Mountains, and had stopped at a pull off to walk the dog and soak up a last bit of the ambiance before we headed home.  Dog business done, we turned back to see the truck and fifth wheel looking very much like a commercial.  I took a couple of shots home that would make the Ford magazine proud.

It occurred to me that often times, advertising tries to sell us on ideas and concepts that aren’t much based in fact.  But here we were at 9,666 feet.  Truck was pulling up hill like a dream, and going down 6% grades for 5 miles or more was a snap with the new transmission break.  We were loving the ride, and living the dream.  We are common, ordinary people living real life, navigating real mountains in our “real” truck.


When we returned home, I added the text as our heartfelt thank you to the dealership where we purchased the truck, had it matted, framed and delivered to our salesman.  Last I heard, the General Manager had snagged it for his office wall.  Best of my knowledge is it’s still hanging there today.  I never did send it in to the Ford Magazine.  Maybe they would have made me famous………..sigh…….

That’s it for today.  I guess tomorrow or the next I will have to get some aviation photos up here.

Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

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