Flow Rite Battery Fill System


When we traded for the Monaco Diplomat a few months ago, we were delighted with the slide out battery tray because it put all six batteries in one place and was easier to access.  There’s two for the chassis, the two black ones on the right.  And four 6 volt for the house, the ones with the green tops on the left.


Filling the green six volt batteries with water WAS easier to do, but there was still entirely too much splashin’ water and over fill going on.  Had to be an easier way. After a little research, we found others who had tried this system for keeping those batteries well maintained.  We ordered it from Amazon, and love it so far.

One Flow-Rite kit will service two batteries, so we ordered two of them.  You can see them here at this link to Amazon:  Flow-Rite RV2000 Pro Fill.

You have to order the Qwik Fill Hand Pump separately, also from Amazon and you can see it here:  RV 2020 Pro Fill Hand Pump

In about five days, your mailman will come whistling up the walk, loaded with boxes with your name on them, and you’ll unpack to find this:


Each Pro Fill box contains this:


First remove the old caps on the batteries and install the new caps from the Pro Fill box.  Ours went on with just a little gentle persuasion, and we only had to loosen two battery cables to move them around to make the new caps fit.  No big deal.

The new caps are connected with a plastic bar along the top, and they have little spigots to either attach a hose to, or cap…..depending on how you are going to lay them out.

First we connected the far two by measuring the hose, cutting and putting it in place.  Then capped the spigots that were going nowhere.


Then we measured across the back, again cutting and fitting the hose to link them, and capping where there was no hose.  And, back again to the front.  Now all the cells are linked, and we have one final spigot to hook the hand pump to.


Hand pump fills with just a couple of squeezes and we are in business.  Unhook it, and it stows away right there in the slide tray ready for next time.


TA-DA!!!!!!!  It works and without all the spillage.  So easy I think even I could do it!!

(OK, now for the disclaimer…….I am not an expert.  I have never written a do it yourself tutorial before, or directions to anything mechanical.  You could tell that, I’m sure.  All I know is that this worked very well for us, and in the spirit of sharing with our fellow RVer’s, we pass it on to you.  It would be totally up to you to do the research and make sure this is the right system for you.)

Hope this helps someone out there.  We’ve really enjoyed being able to learn all the neat tricks and tips from RV blogs, and are just trying to do our part to pay back.  If you have used this system, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Until next time,  Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly


4 responses to “Flow Rite Battery Fill System

    • Thank you Ingrid, I had alot of help from the DH. We still miss our fiver some times. When we are stopped somewhere for a period of time, we miss it. However, on the road I am glad to have all facilities on board and at hand. We loved the fifth wheel, and may even go back some day.

  1. Hi Janet! My name is Bridget and I work in the marketing department at Flow-Rite. I’m so glad to hear that you have good experiences with our product!

    We are looking for someone to participate in a Pro-Fill RV case study that we’d like to send for publication in trade magazine. Would you be interested? If so, let me know! My email is bhaley@flow-rite.com and phone number is 616.277.5164.

    • Thanks Bridget….would be glad to participate. I responded to you via email with my contact information, please let us know how we can be of service!!

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