Haven for Hummingbirds – Priest Gulch, CO

I See You!!

Fleeing the 110 plus degrees of Moab, UT we head south and then east into the San Juan National Forest.  Again, Randy’s brother comes through with a real gem of a campground.  Only 139 miles away, yet 40 degrees cooler both day and night.  We follow them out of Moab, past Hole in the Wall Rock, and through four distinct types of terrain as we begin our climb into the forest.  Destination:   Delores, CO plus 24 more miles north towards Telluride.

Priest Gulch Campground is nestled in a canyon along side of the Delores River.  88 sites, most on the river.  Full hook ups, free wi-fi, store…..anything you could need.  And if you need quiet, you’re in luck.  The driveway to the campsites descends down to the river so any noise from the road is above your head.  You get the wind in the pines, the sound of the water in the creek and that’s about it.


We got backed into our site and before I could get the chairs unstrapped and set up, Molly was enjoying our river view.Delores River View

One of the first things I noticed was the number of hummingbirds.  With all the great places to visit and sights to see, the most fun (for me) was the hummingbirds that shared our camp.  They swarmed like bees from one feeder to the next.  Walking through camp, you could see them leave one feeder and the whole swarm would fly to another site.  We had one day where we stayed in camp (tired) and I was able to get the best hummingbird pictures ever.  These are what I am most happy to share with you.  Click on any of the images to open in larger view……better to see their colors and jewels!

Dolores makes a great base camp to explore the area.  From here we visited Durango for the scenic Durango-Silverton Train, Mesa Verde, Telluride and more.  For the day of the train adventure out of Durango, we wanted to find a place to leave the dogs as it was going to be a long day.  A little google searching put us in touch with Mudpuppies Grooming in Delores.  This place was wonderful…….Molly opened up early, let us come by late and even bathed the dogs for us.  Would definitely go back again if in the area.  It was nice that we could be tourist without worrying about the dogs.  I couldn’t find a website for her, but here is her contact information:

Mudpuppies Pawshoppe, 45 Porter Way, Dolores, CO  81323   Phone:  970-882-7130

The Durango-Silverton was a real treat.  It’s long……probably better than three hours up, and then of course three hours back…..but views like you’ve never seen before.  We had a great car, enclosed, but the weather turned out so great we didn’t need to worry about the temperatures.  Food, beverages, tour guides who came around and spoke about the area.  I have about 200 images from this ride, but (no worries) will only share two.


Night at the campground was amazing……so dark…..so many stars.  Sitting around the campfire, Randy’s brother Don and I decide we will try our hand at time lapse star shots.  Never did this before and I felt kind of klutzy trying to setup the tripod and set all the controls in the dark.  Finally figured out that anything over thirty seconds of exposure will make the star “dots” appear elongated.  Ended up with this one shot that I think speaks of the whole evening. The trees are lit from the campfire glow and the stars are too many to count.


That’s it for tonight.  Lights out for me.  Hope you enjoyed Dolores and the hummingbirds,

Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly


6 responses to “Haven for Hummingbirds – Priest Gulch, CO

  1. Great photos. I just picked up a little hummingbird feeder to lure the guys to our campsite. A couple years ago, we drove from Durango to Silverton…..gorgeous and it appears (and we heard) the train is even prettier.

    • I keep a small feeder in the RV love to see how quickly they find it. I believe they are sitting up in the trees just waiting for the next camper to set up. We didn’t get the time to do the drive to Silverton, but I heard it was awesome. The train makes you feel almost as if you’ve stepped back in time. You see nothing from the tracks and feel so removed from the world. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the photos!!

  2. wonderful pictures, especially the hummingbirds and the one time-lasped night shot. Really enjoying your series

    • Thanks Phil, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for following along, nice to know people are out there. Hope all is well with you folks!

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