Colorado River Jet Boat

Colorado River looks like glass.

Colorado River looks like glass.

When it’s 110 degrees in the shade, head to the water.  In Moab, that means the Colorado River.  Someone in our group had seen a brochure at the campground office for the Canyonlands by Night just a few blocks up the main road.  As our 5th wheel AC was barely able to keep the inside temperature to 85, we thought being out on the water would be a cooler way to spend the afternoon.  Our tour on the water was about three hours, followed by a wonderful dinner, served “cowboy” style in the main building when we returned.  Would absolutely do this again when we get back to Moab….it was awesome.

Being ON the boat, with my camera on me, I do not have one single photo of the boat in action.  I found this one on the Canyonlands by Night website so you can get an idea of the fun!  The rest are all mine, but I really wanted you to be able to see the type of boats they use.

From the Canyonlands by Night Website.

From the Canyonlands by Night Website.

The ride down the river was slow and easy, with a great boat captain who kept us in stitches with his gentle pokes at Moab life.  That, and the fact that he could recite all the movies ever made in Moab without stopping to breathe kept us entertained.  I counted 47 movies on the Discover Moab website, from old John Wayne classics to City Slickers II and Mission Impossible II.  He could even point out the location where Thelma and Louise took their final leap into the Colorado River from along the Shafer Trail under Dead Horse Point.  Here are a few of the images, it was hard to just pick a few.  But it should give you a fair idea of what to expect for scenery.  (Click on any of the images below to bring up a larger version slide show.)

Once we reached the farthest point of the tour, our captain explained that there would be no more stopping for photos and the food was waiting back at the dock.  He  set the throttle to full, and never eased off until we were at the dock.  Exhilarating to say the least.

The food was great, served up cafeteria style, but hot and delicious.  Seating was at long tables where you could talk with others and compare notes on the trip.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  If any of you have done this trip, would love to hear your thoughts on it too.

Happy Trails to You,

Janet, Randy and Molly




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