Silver Palms RV Resort

I had originally written, “This is NOT camping.”  But I was wrong.  Done alot of thinking about the term “camping” the past few days, and decided that it’s different things to different people.

Silver Palms looks to be both; a high end RV resort if you take one of the beautifully landscaped, finished lots, or more rustic camping if you take one of grass lots on the pond, even though those all have concrete patios.  And, maybe that’s just why we liked it so much.  Not only were the sites a nice mix of camping style, so were the people we met there.


Park very easy to navigate, good street lighting at night, very clean bathhouses, beautiful clubhouse, pool, and game rooms.  Best part of all is the gate with clicker to come and go as you please, yet feel safe.  And quiet…..I actually found my husband laying on the couch one morning with the windows open, no TV or radio, just listening to the wind rustling in the palms.  Haven’t seen that before.


Found it by searching for a new place to try that was within 2-3 hours from our home in Indialantic, Fl.  Found two in Okeechobee and the mileage was right, and the websites looked equally impressive.  But we’ve all been there, done that before……pulled into something that looks nothing like the website?? You know what I mean.  Called Silver Palms RV Resort first and it only took a few minutes on the phone to be sold.  The office staffer who took my call was one of the best I’ve ever talked to on the phone.  Sign us up……here we come!!!

Discovered that the Seminole Casino Brighton is a short drive from the resort around Lake Okeechobee on highway 78.  Less then 30 minutes to a small, cozy casino with about 300 slots, small stakes table and home style cafe inside.  Made the trip one morning early and there were only three cars in the parking lot.  Played for a while, had a great breakfast and headed back to the rv.  Did inquire about overnight rv parking to the woman at the casino security desk.  Another guard overheard my question and was real quick to come straight over and tell me, “One night, that’s all!!”  We did return another morning during our stay, and saw one rv in the huge parking lot.  Considering the size of their parking area and the lack of cars, you would think they would make you feel a little more welcome.

There is the Brighton Seminole Campground about a mile before the casino, behind the Trading Post.  Some of the casino staff said that they were trying to clean it up and make improvements.  We took a quick look on our way out, but keep thinking that if the staff there isn’t any more friendly towards rv’s than the staff at the casino we’d probably not try it just yet.


All in all, I can’t wait to head back to  Silver Palms.  It’s one of those places that’s a short drive, I know what I’m getting, loved the campers we met and felt really relaxing.  The only down side to the entire stay was the Free Wi-Fi, which was Tengo-Net. More frustration than it was worth to try and use. The office is aware of the numerous complaints and say they are making other arrangements for internet service.  Got to get that up and going because everyone we talked to had issues with it.


Can’t wait to get back again!!!

Happy Trails,

Janet, Randy and Molly

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